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Type of courses

General English
General English is our standard course which gives you a good solid foundation in all aspects of the English language. The course provides the essential structures and vocabulary you need, using a course book and supplementary materials, while giving you plenty of practice in all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.With regular speaking and listening practice and new language input, the course is designed to improve your level and to maximize your ability to use all the English you know. You will have one teacher, who will look after your progress throughout your stay.

English for children
Learning a foreign language effectively takes many years and a lot of motivation. Here at ROSS ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER we believe that the kind of language learning experience you give your child will influence their feelings towards that language for the rest of their lives. If they have a positive and motivating experience they will be enthusiastic about learning and interested in knowing more. Our goal is create that positive experience for all the children who join us. We do this by providing numerous opportunities for the children to explore and expand their English language.We looked forward to working with your child and creating a positive and productive language learning experience.

Intensive English
The Intensive English course is the same as our General English programme but with the advantage of two extra lessons in the morning ( 4 lessons per week ). This gives you more study time, enabling you to progress and gain greater fluency and accuracy at a faster pace.Your teacher will guide your progress every step of the way.

One - to - One tuition is the ultimate course for making maximum progress during a short period of time.This is a highly intensive course which is 100% focused on your English language requirements and designed by your teacher to match your specific needs.You can combine One - to - One tuition with a group course. This gives you the advantage of the interaction of a group in the afternoon and individually tailored tuition in the morning.This is a great way of accelerating your progress.

Exam Preparation Courses
We provide a number of Exam Preparation Courses which guarantee to improve your English and prepare you for your chosen examination.You will enjoy the highly structured course and our motivational teachers will guide your continual improvement through interesting lessons and topical discussions.We know that every student is different, which is why we combine a structured course with a personal study plan, individual tutorials and personal reading programme to ensure you maximize your personal potential.

In - Company and Individual Instruction
During the time of its existence, ROSS ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER has created a good business reputation that is connected to the high quality services it provides.If you are looking for a business partner that will be able to provide you with effective educational services and from whose know - how your company can profit, then ROSS ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER is the right choice for you.
- individual approach tailor - made courses
- both One - to - One courses and courses for groups
- standard, intensive and distant courses
- teachers commute to companies
- we teach every day: 8:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.

BUSINESS ENGLISH MINI GROUP course is designed to help you make maximum progress in a limited period. Study together with people in a small group.The aim of this course is to focus on the language needed to conduct core professional skills such as communicating on the telephone confidently, participating effectively in meetings, making clear presentations, conducting negotiations and discussions, writing professional reports, emails and letters.Together with your teacher you will discuss your English language learning priorities and the core professional skills you wish to focus on.

BUSINESS ENGLISH - ONE - TO ONE course is designed to maximize your time with a course specifically created for you. After discussing your language requirements with your teacher we will design a course unique to your requirements. This will include practicing English language skills in the work context which are specific to your needs.You could choose to focus on a number of core professional skills or focus on a particular project.